Impressions – Ruido Project

I have an essay and some poems relating to Lucy Haighton’s Ruido Project in an exhibition by Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union entitled Impressions at Sheffield Winter Gardens from Tuesday 16th May to Friday 18th May. Thanks to visual artist Abi Goodman for designing the posters.

The essay has some references which are printed below.


Agamben, Giorgio. The Open: Man and Animal trans. Kevin Attel. Stanford University Press: Stanford. 2004.

Bergthaller, Hannes. ‘Limits of Agency: Notes on a Material Turn from a Systems-Theoretical Perspective.’ In Material Ecocriticism ed. Serenella Iovino and Serpil Oppermann. Indiana University Press: Bloomington. 2014.

Corballis, Michael. The Truth About Language: What it is and where it comes from. University of Chicago Press: London. 2016.

Flusser, Vilem. Gestures. Trans. Nancy Arnold. University of Minneapolis Press: London. 2014.

Herd, David. ‘Poetry and Voice: the Urge to Nowhere’ in PN Review 197, Volume 37 Number 3, January – February 2011. [last accessed 27/04/2017]

Noland, Carrie. Agency and Embodiment: Performing Gestures/Producing Culture. Harvard University Press: London. 2009


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